5 things to consider before getting credit cards

Before going into depth on the credit cards, there are few things that you need to note.

  1. Some people that I know really against the idea of credit card. Using credit card should not change your spending behavior. This is the most important thing. Like the old saying, don’t spend beyond your means. If you cant afford to buy certain things, then don’t buy it. End of story.
  2. Whenever possible, always use your credit card to pay for transactions, instead of paying by cash. There are circumstances where you don’t use your credit card; if the merchant imposes additional charge for using credit card, or if the merchant does not have EFTPOS (electronic fund transfer point of sale).
  3. Never ever, ever use cicilan 0% or Installment payments. Simply because of higher price and you don’t get points on installment payments.
  4. Always pay your credit card on time, to avoid penalties. Remember you are swapping cash payments for card payments, so if you cannot pay the balance at the end of the month, then you are spending beyond your means (refer to point 1 again).
  5. Extra tip. I learnt this from my friend. When hanging out with your friends, whether dining or drinking, always offer to pay with your credit cards. And your friends can pay you cash. That way you will get points on the whole billing. Similarly, offer your family or relatives (that you trust) to pay first with your credit cards, buying their airfares, television or whatever. Just make sure you get them to pay you back. 🙂

Next, I will show you recommendation on the credit card based on my personal view. That said there are no right or wrong credit cards. You just need to find the ones that suited to your needs.

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