FastTrack to Miles & Rewards

Would you like to fly from Jakarta to Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines Suites for a mere US$ 16 or (IDR 209,000)?

Yes you are reading this correct. YOU CAN. I will show you how next. The flight normally cost upwards of US$ 4,357 (IDR 58,016,000). Now you see how much you can save and how you can enjoy flying in premium cabins without splurging.

Now this may not for everyone. I would categorize how people fly into 2 main groups. The first group is people that want to fly from point A to point B the cheapest, most affordable way. This group will prefer LCC (low cost carrier) compared to 5 star Skytrax Airlines. The second group is people that while flying from point A to point B, would want to enjoy the experience of the flight itself, whether the food, cabin seats, service etc.

If you belong to the second group or want to be in the second group then I suggest continue reading and subscribe to thegoodmiles. Soon you too will be able to fly First Class/ Suites / Business class too.

How is this possible? Find out here.

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