How I flew $7800 Singapore Airlines Suites A380 Singapore to Osaka for less than $100

Flight Singapore Airlines SQ 961, SQ 618
Jakarta (CGK) – Singapore (SIN) – Osaka (KIX)
Aircraft Boeing 777-300, Airbus A380
Seat 2D, 3C
Well let me begin by saying that SQ Suites is super awesome! It was so good that missus slept the whole way through. Read on I reviewed the most luxurious cabin in Singapore Airlines and later I will show you how you can redeem using miles and only pay less than $100 for your ticket.

As Jakarta only fly ‘First Class’, you would get two different boarding pass colour. Also not all Jakarta flights have First Class, so I picked SQ 961 which fly with its Boeing 777-300. You will get the ‘golden ticket’ when flying Suites, ie flight from Singapore to Kansai, Osaka. Do note that SQ only fly A380 to Osaka during the peak season, so be sure to check your ticket class.

Flight from Jakarta departed at 4.30 PM and we had approximately 6 hours in Changi Airport. I intended to maximize our time in The Private Room in Terminal 3 Changi Airport. You can read the full review of The Private Room Singapore Airlines Lounge here.

Flight from Singapore to Osaka departed at 1.00 AM and boarding process started at 12.30 AM. I wanted to board first so at 12.20 we were already standby at the gates. As we walked down to the bridge, the chief flight attendant greeted us, called us by our names, and walked us to the aircraft. How she recognized us and correctly mentioned our names without even looking at our boarding pass was beyond me. Two Thumbs up SQ!!

She then led us to the Suites cabins and asked since we took the middle aisle, who would take the left and right side. After settling in, she asked if we wanted any drinks. I, of course opted for Champagne. She asked the missus if she wanted any too. Missus was tired and declined the champagne. The flight attendant asked if missus wanted Mimosa, part champagne and part orange juice. I quickly said yes, if missus have none, then I would gladly have it. When flying Suites or First Class, you have the option to choose between Krug or Dom Perignon. I could not make up my mind when choosing between Krug or Dom, so she gave me a glass of each. Winning!

After boarding, I found out from the flight attendant that there are 3 other passengers in the Suites; 1 couple and a lady. They opted to sleep the whole way through, so we were the only one having supper and breakfast. Although I was already so full from eating at The Private Room, I really wanted to try the Kyo Kaseki, which they serve on Japan flights.

Shortly after take off, the flight attendant offered us pajamas, slippers and Salvatore Ferragamo amenities kits. After supper, they offered to make the bed. What really special in Suites is that the partition of the seat can be lowered and seats pulled out to be double bed. Imagine sleeping in a double bed 30,000 feet above sea level? The beds are so amahzing that we both fell asleep straight away. We were woken up 1 hour before landing, as breakfast was ready to serve.

How to redeem Singapore Airlines Suites and how much would it cost?

Flying Singapore Airlines Suites or First Class does not have to make you broke. When paying full price it would cost you almost $8000 or near 100 million Rupiah.

Or you can redeem 65,000 Krisflyer miles and taxes of less than $100.


All in, Singapore Airlines First Class and Suites are top notch, unbeatable hard and soft products. As Singapore Airlines are preparing to revamp the Suites on the new A380 delivery in 2018, I cannot wait to try the new one. Hands up and drop comment below if you want to try the new Singapore Airlines Suites?

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