The Private Room Singapore Airlines Lounge

When you are travelling Singapore Airlines Suites or First Class, you are invited to use the Private Room. I would call this Exclusive Lounge within lounge. You can enter the Private Room through First Class lounge. You enter the First Class lounge through SilverKris Lounge. Whereas SilverKris Lounge is dedicated for Business class passenger, the Private Room is only for Singapore Airlines’ First Class/ Suites passengers. Once the staff scanned your golden boarding pass, she would escort you personally to the Private Room. You would notice that it’s so exclusive and rarely overcrowded.

What I really like are the dining area and shower area. When dining in the Private Room, you have extensive choices of Western or Asian food. The favourite here is of course the Lobster thermidor. And don’t forget to pair that with Krug. Also, there are buffet section where snacks and drinks are provided if you need anything else. But if you are a lazy ass like me, you can always order from the attendant.

I found it very relaxing taking showers before flight, especially red eye or midnight flight. The shower room is combined with the bathroom and provided with amenities. Unlike in the business class lounge, you would not need to queue to use the shower. Although the shower rooms are not as big or luxurious as Cathay Pacific’s The Wing Cabanas, I would still give it a solid 8.

Lastly, here is the short clip that I made containing the visit to the Private Room and a glimpse of Singapore Airlines A380 Suites. You can read the full report of the SQ Suites here.


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