Qantas QF41 A330-200 (SYD – CGK)

On the recent trip to Australia, I got the chance to fly Qantas’ new business class.

I upgraded full priced Economy class to Business class, costing 24,000 Qantas Points. I used ANZ Travel Signature Card to transfer point from my credit card to Qantas FF.

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What excites me is the relatively new Airbus A330-200. According to Qantas website, the plane consists of 36 Business class seats and 199 Economy seats.

airbus seating chart, qantas airbus a330-200
Qantas Airbus A330-200

At the time I wasn’t sure if my upgrade was successful, as I did not receive any confirmation on the upgrade booking. So I tried my luck and rocked up to the business class check in counter. The agent confirmed my booking and issued my boarding pass. Yeaayy!!

I then headed straight to Qantas Business Lounge. At 10 am in the morning, the lounge is packed with people. I managed to grab an empty seat at the corner. For breakfast, I had some salad and lentil soup. During this time, I managed to get some work done before boarding the plane.

The flight was on schedule, and boarding process had begun shortly after 1pm. Business class passengers were boarded first. I chose seat 1A, the front row window seat. I was surprised to see the business class was full and the flight attendant had already offered drinks and snacks to seated passengers. When the crew greeted me by my last name, it was truly a pleasing experience. “How are you doing today, Mr Tan?”, “What I can get you today, Mr Tan?”.

qantas a330 seating

We were soon boarded the plane, and pilot prepared to take off. The entire journey was smooth and flawless, and I have really enjoyed the flight.

Till next time, Qantas!

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