Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class Experience

Flight Singapore Airlines SQ 962

Singapore(SIN) – Jakarta (CGK)

Aircraft: Airbus A350

Seat 11 A

Although this is a late post, but I want to share with you guys Singapore Airlines new Business Class on Airbus A350. The new Business Class has new seats and really sleek design. According to SQ website, the seats are 28-inch which can transforms into a 78- inch fully flat bed. Although the older version of Singapore Airlines Business class is a whopping 34-inch wide, the new Business class still feels very spacious.sq business class lcd screen

The new Business Class offers 1-2-1 seats configuration, meaning you have direct access to the aisle wherever you seat. There are total 42 seats, with 26 seats in the forward cabins and 16 seats in the rear business class cabins.

sq a350 business class

During the booking, I had assigned seat 11A, which according to seatguru is the less ideal seat due to close proximity to galleys and bathroom. But heck it is a short flight of 1 hour+, how many times do other passengers need to go to the bathroom? 😂 I would highly recommend seatguru when you are selecting your seats, especially for long haul flights, trust me it would make a lot of difference.


The new Business Class also provide plenty of stowage space, where you can store laptops, mobile phones, headsets and other gears. It is very useful since it is within reach. The seat controls are on the side of the seat and really straightforward button.

sqa350 seats buttonsqa350 stowageAs always, Singapore Airlines service was impeccable. Both the hard and soft products are real winners. As usual within minutes of arriving at my seat, the lovely flight attendant showed up, introduced the team and addressed me by last name. And asked me if I wanted a pre-departure drinks, with choices of orange juice, water or champagne.sq business class lunch

A moment later, the flight was taxiing and readied for take off. About 1 hour and 50 minutes later, it arrived in Jakarta. You realize when travelling on premium cabins, time flies quickly compared to flying on LCC airlines? I guess that’s true, when you enjoy the experience, time flies quicker.😁

sq a350 new business class

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