Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

Singapore Airlines Jakarta – London Business Class
Flight Singapore Airlines SQ 951, SQ 308
Jakarta (CGK) – Singapore (SIN) – London (LHR)
Aircraft Boeing 777-200, Airbus A380
Seat 14 A, 95 A

Another late post that I want to share with you guys. SQ 951 is the earliest flight from Jakarta to Singapore. Boarding time is at 4.55 AM, so you can imagine what time you need to arrive at the airport.

At 4.00 AM, we arrived at the check in counter and started checking in. Now a little back story. My then girlfriend (now wife) won Singapore Airlines new Premium Economy ticket from SQ Instagram competition.

First prize is return flight on SQ Premium Economy to London (LHR). How lucky for her to win, eh? None of our friends could believe it. To accompany her, I redeemed the same ticket on Business class. (hahaha in my defence, business class is getting more value, read here).

Because the Premium Economy ticket was a free ticket, the outsourced staff needs to get approval from manager on duty. Where was the manager on duty at 4.00 AM you may ask? He or she could not be contacted and still off duty. We were starting to sweat and wonder what should we do next, etc. The on ground staff in the meantime, asked for further proof; what competition she entered, how she won, and how Singapore Airlines contacted her. At 4.30 AM the Manager on duty gave green light, and we were cleared. With no time to waste, we headed straight to the lounge.

Flight from Singapore to London departs at 9.10 AM so we had 1 hour only to change terminal. After we touched down at terminal 2 Changi Airport, we took the skytrain to Terminal 3. This time there was not enough time to visit the SKL (Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Lounge), so we headed straight to the gate.

changi airport

The flight was soon boarding and we chose to board first. This flight was all Business Class on upper deck. First class, Premium Economy and Economy Class are on lower deck, so we bid farewell to each other. As I was seated at 95A, it was all the way back of the Business Class cabin.

I will explain to you why generally it is the best seat. On this Airbus A380 seating configuration, the Business Class on upper deck is divided into 3 areas; front cabin, middle cabin and rear cabin. Most of the Business Class passengers are opting for front and middle cabins.

Take a look at the video I took during boarding. You can see the rear cabin there were 1 other passenger. As a result, you get undivided attention from the flight attendants. Image having the whole plane to yourself. Exactly right! The flight attendants would check on you every 10 minutes and having to not worry about other passengers, we could connect and chat.

The flight took about 13 and half hours. It is one of the longest direct flight. But when you are sitting in Business Class, you won’t feel it at all. The flight was perfect and food was great. We started breakfast as soon we took off and pilot had turn off the seatbelt sign. I had fruits for starter, followed by poached egg served with Hollandaise sauce. By the time I finished my breakfast I was so full and declined snacks or other drinks that they offered.sq a380 breakfastsq a380 poached egg hollandaise

Soon after, they prepared my bed on the adjacent seat 95B. Since the rear cabin was empty, you could technically, do work at 96A, eat at 95A and sleep at 95B. This is a major plus and main reason I seat at the back. And it was fascinating to see how they turn a seat into a fully flat bed. At 34 inch wide, it was plenty of space for me.

sq a380 seatWhen I woke up, I went downstairs to the lower deck to check on my girlfriend. What I noticed is that the upper deck was so much colder. Even with a jacket on, I was still shivering. Maybe because it wasn’t full of people too? I am not sure.

When I went up, the bed was re-made and I wonder how they knew I was awake in the first place. Next on lunch was a full course meal. By the time I finished I was so full. For starters, there was satay, followed by tuna salad with balsamic vinegar. For main, I pre booked my meal and had Indian style braised lamb shank. At this point, I was so full that there was no more room for dessert.sq a380 business class startersq a380 lunchsq a380 dessert

One of the flight attendant knew about the story and how my girlfriend was in lower deck. Having had permission from the Chief flight attendant, he surprised me and brought my girlfriend up when the flight was preparing to land, so we could sit together and leave the aircraft together. How thoughtful, and kudos to Singapore Airlines flight crew team.pic with sq crew

What’s your unforgettable moment on Singapore Airlines? Share on the comment below!

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