SkyTeam SkyPriority Panelist

Hi guys, as promised and since you guys have been asking about this SkyTeam SkyPriority Panelist.

Almost a year ago, I joined SkyTeam SkyPriority Panel and have been contributing whenever I fly on SkyTeam flights. I was so excited to get the invitation. I am not really sure how you get picked to become one of the panelist. But I guess being a SkyTeam Elite Plus helps.

SkyTeam SkyPriority Panelist App

After you have been selected, you can then download and install the SkyPriority app, available on Appstore and Google Playstore. From what I have read, the objective is to ensure SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members are getting the SkyPriority benefits. And to ensure the SkyPriority are being consistently delivered across all airports worldwide, the Panelists inspect and completes short checklist from the app. This is a really smart idea by SkyTeam. This way they can monitor real time data from its members and actions can be taken quickly if Panelists have flagged certain airports.

The app itself is smart and really easy to use. Whenever you are near the airport, notification will appear and you can start your observation. There are few touch points when you start an observation, from check in, baggage drop off, priority security lane and priority boarding lane. If for example, the airline does not enforce priority boarding for SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus passengers, you can then report it straight to the app. You can also submit photos if there are inconsistency in the SkyPriority during your observation.

So far I have contributed 74 observations, out of 169895 available observation. Yes I am so far away from completing all of the observations. šŸ˜‚

What do you think of the SkyTeam SkyPriority Panelist app? Share your thoughts on the comment below.

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