Top 3 credit cards that I use in 2017

I want to share the 3 credit cards that I am currently using. These cards have good conversion value to frequent flyer miles. Because you want to maximize your points, the top credit cards that you need to consider will generally fall into;

  • Travel/ Lifestyle category credit cards,
  • attractive mileage earning rate,
  • although normally incur annual fee.

Top 3 credit cards;

  • ANZ Travel Signature

This is the only card that I own from the beginning. It is one of the most competitive mileage earning rate for all transactions. For ANZ Travel Signature you get 1 mileage point for every IDR 8,000 in Domestic retail transactions and IDR 5,000 in Overseas retail transactions. Meaning if you do groceries shopping for IDR 400,000 in Indonesia, you will get 50 mileage point.

anz travel signature
anz travel signature benefits
anz travel signature
anz travel signature card features

Now different cards have different rates, so you will need to find the ones that give you the most mileage for the same amount of money. Also different banks that different conversion from rewards point to airlines frequent flyers’ miles. ANZ is one of the card that have 1:1 conversion ratio, so it makes comparison and calculation much easier.

Also, ANZ Travel Signature has a welcome sign up bonus mileage of 3,000 provided you spend minimum of IDR 750,000 within 2 months after card activation.

  • Mandiri Visa Signature 

    (by invitation only)

This is my next favourite card. I received this card when it first launched in Indonesia. I was very excited when I got invited to the launching event too.

mandiri visa signature event
mandiri visa signature launching event
mandiri launching event
mandiri launching event + premiere screening

Mandiri Visa Signature is by invitation only for the priority customer of Mandiri Bank. Although I heard recently it is not the case anymore. Only recently too, it has competitive mileage redemption; for every IDR 20,000 you will get Triple Fiesta Poin which converts to 1 mileage.

The best part is this card comes with Garuda Miles Platinum. It is the highest tier card from GarudaMiles and equivalent to SkyTeam Elite Plus. You get access to Priority baggage & boarding, access to Garuda Lounge even if you are travelling on Economy class.

mandiri visa signature, garuda miles platinum
mandiri visa signature card and garuda miles platinum

Edit. Apparently New Mandiri Visa Signature cardholder does not get GarudaMiles Platinum anymore.

  • UOB PRVI Miles

You get 1 UOB miles for every IDR 1,000 in domestic retail purchase, and 2 UOB miles for overseas purchase. You can redeem 7 UOB miles for 1 Airlines Miles (SIGH! Why don’t they make 1:1 transfer ratio already). Effectively for every IDR 7,000 in domestic you get 1 Airline Miles and IDR 3,500 for overseas purchase.

You also get 31,500 UOB miles bonus activation when you spend IDR 15,000,000 in 3 months.


What I found is that not one card that suits everyone’s needs. Each card has own benefits and drawbacks. So you will need to think carefully what you need, establish your goal and then find the right card. And remember, always follow these 5 guidelines when using credit card.

Drop me an email at info @ if you want to discuss which card may suits you better.


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