Credit card that offers supplementary Priority Pass card

Priority Pass can be beneficial if you are travelling frequently in Economy class. With Priority Pass you can have access to lounge at the airports. Currently, Priority Pass has over 1000 airport lounges worldwide and features some of the best lounges in the world. Recently, Premier Lounge in Bali (DPS) received award as one of the best Priority Pass Lounges in the world. If you frequently depart from Bali, this could be  a good use of Priority Pass membership. Also don’t forget, Priority Pass offers $36 dining credit in some of the airports in Australia.

Priority Pass membership is $399 per year, which gives you unlimited access to over 1000 lounge in the world. Or you can get complimentary Priority Pass from your credit card companies. Here are some of the credit cards that come with Priority Pass membership.

Credit card with Priority Pass membership

mandiri visa signature

1.     Mandiri Visa Signature

You can apply for FREE Priority Pass membership when you own Mandiri Visa Signature. As long as you own Mandiri Visa Signature, your will get your Priority Pass membership automatically. You can access to all lounges in the world. Although, from what I read in Mandiri Bank’s website, entry to lounge is $25 per visit. That’s weird considering I haven’t paid a dime when using Priority Pass, which I got from Mandiri Visa Signature.

The main drawbacks is you have to be Mandiri Bank Priority Customer to get Mandiri Visa Signature credit card. Other credit card from Mandiri Bank that gets you Priority Pass card is Mandiri World Elite credit card.

2.     Citibank PremierMiles

citibank premiermiles credit card

This is similar to Mandiri Visa Signature, you get Priority Pass membership when you own Citibank PremierMiles. Note that you have to actually apply for the card through Citibank. The main drawback is you can only visit the lounge once in a calendar year, free of charge. So remember to use this Priority Pass card when you are flying on international route, on the way back from overseas airport. Main reason is because most of domestic airport is covered by your credit card.

3.     HSBC Premier MasterCard & Visa Signature

You are entitled for Priority Pass membership when you have either HSBC Premier MasterCard or HSBC Visa Signature. However, there is a catch. You need to be in the ‘1 million club’, one of HSBC’s current program where you get additional benefit when you own more than a million reward points. 😂 I would argue that they are trying to reward their existing and loyal customer better.

4.     BRI Infinite

You will get access to Priority Pass, although I could not get more information from current BRI’s website.

As you can see, most of the credit cards that offer Priority Pass membership are the highest segment cards and dedicated for the Banks’ priority customers. With the exception of Citibank PremierMiles, although it gives you only 1 visit per year.

Do you know other credit cards that offer Priority Pass membership?


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