Citibank PremierMiles credit card features

I just recently got my Citibank PremierMiles and I want to share with you some of the card features. I would not say Citibank PremierMiles to be the best credit card, but it has some uniqueness compared to other banks’ credit card. Citibank PremierMiles credit card is a travel credit card, and comparable to other travel credit cards, such as ANZ Travel Signature and Standard Chartered WorldMiles.


  • PremierMiles can be redeemed for more than 60 airlines and 8500 hotels affiliated with Citibank worldwide
  • Also PremierMiles do not expire.


  • Miles earning (1 PremierMile = IDR 8,750) is not too competitive compared to other Travel credit cards.
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What I like about Citibank PremierMiles is that earning miles can be redeemed to more than 60 airlines that affiliated in the Frequent Flyer Partner. You can redeem your PremierMiles for let’s say, Etihad Residence, Singapore Airlines First Class or Cathay Pacific Business Class. No other credit cards currently offer this variety of choices.

Also note that 1 PremierMiles equals to 1 Airline Miles. This makes conversion and calculation very simple. You will know exactly how many points you will get and how many points you need to redeem certain flights.

It is also the only credit card that can be redeemed to more than 8,500 Hotels worldwide. Citibank has partnership with IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group), Club Carlson and Hilton Hotels Group

Unlike some other credit cards’ miles that expire every two years, PremierMiles does not expire. Note that airlines miles do expire. So only transfer miles from PremierMiles to Airline miles when you need to use it.

Citibank PremierMiles vs Other Travel Credit Cards

The only main drawback from Citibank PremierMiles is the relatively uncompetitive earning miles rates. You earn 1 PremierMiles when you spend IDR 8,750 in domestic purchase and IDR 5,000 in International transaction. Let’s compare it with some other Travel credit cards to see how it fares.

Credit card Domestic Transaction International Transaction Miles Airlines Redemption
Citibank PremierMiles 8,750 5,000 1 More than 60 Airlines
Standard Chartered World Miles 7,500 3,750 1 AsiaMiles, GarudaMiles, AirAsia Big, SQ Krisflyer
UOB PRVIMILES 7,000 3,500 1 AsiaMiles, GarudaMiles, AirAsia Big, SQ Krisflyer
ANZ Travel Signature 7,500 5,000 1 Qantas, AsiaMiles, GarudaMiles, SQ Krisflyer
CIMB WorldMiles 5,000 5,000 1 Singapore Airlines Krisflyer


As you can see, CIMB WorldMiles has the most competitive earning mileage. With the same amount of spending, you can earn more miles faster with CIMB WorldMiles compared to Citibank PremierMiles. However, the miles you earn from CIMB WorldMiles is limited to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer.

Conclusion. Citibank PremierMiles credit card

Ultimately, it is up to you to plan and determine which is the right card for you. If you want the flexibility to redeem multiple airlines, then Citibank PremierMiles is the right choice. If you want to maximize your earning mileage, then other cards have more competitive earning mileage. My advice is stick to only 1 or 2 airlines frequent flyer. With limited miles, the only way to maximize your miles is sticking with maximum of 2 airlines frequent flyer.

Which credit card have you been using? Are you maximizing your miles?

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