Kartu Kredit Citibank PremierMiles

So the other day my friend Daniel asked me about which credit card has large bonus sign up and thought would be a good idea to share to you guys. There are many credit cards out there to choose from and getting the right cards will be crucial. Remember the idea is to maximize your credit card points. Hence it is a good idea when signing up a new credit card, look out for current promotion and join if there is a significant bonus miles.

Kartu Kredit Citibank PremierMiles

Similarly, my other friend asked, ‘Gimana dengan kartu kredit Citibank?’. Well for once, Citibank has a wide variety of credit cards, such as reward credit card, travel credit card and co-brand credit card. I am sure you are aware that I will be focusing solely on the travel credit cards, i.e Citibank PremierMiles, Citibank Prestige and Citibank Garuda Indonesia.

You are in luck, because currently Citibank Premier Miles or more commonly known as Kartu Kredit PremierMiles is having 50,000 bonus Miles when you sign up and spend IDR 90 million in the next 90 days. I will explain how you can get 50,000 miles next.

promo kartu kredit citibank premiermiles, citibank premiermiles credit card promo
source: citibank.co.id

But first, a disclaimer that I am not paid by Citibank to post this. Again this is showing you how you can get Miles faster and fly Business or First class for free.

The key here to get the bonus miles is that you need to spend on your new Citibank credit card. Let me break it down how you can get 50,000 miles. You will get 5,000 Miles on the spot if this is your first Citibank PremierMiles credit card. When you spend 90 million, with both domestic and international transaction, you will get 11,250 Miles from the purchase. You will also get additional 33,750 Miles from the bonus. So the actual bonus is not really 50,000 Miles but rather 38,750 Miles, which is still decent.

First Time Citibank PremierMiles card member Transact IDR 90 mio in the first 3 months Sign up & spend 90 mio over 3 months Total Miles acquired
5,000 Miles 11,250 Miles 33,750 Miles 50,000 Miles
Domestic purchase – IDR 78 mio &
International purchase – IDR 11 mio
Domestic purchase – 98 mio


What can you get with 50,000 Miles? Just to give you few ideas.
38,000 Miles will get you return economy ticket to Paris on Singapore Airlines.
37,500 Miles will get you one-way First Class Suites ticket to Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines.
43,000 Miles will get you one-way Business Class ticket to Tokyo Narita on Singapore Airlines.

And the good thing is the Miles not only can be redeemed for Singapore Airlines Flight, but over 60 airlines that work with Citi reward points. In the next post I will share some of the great features from Citibank PremierMiles. So next time, when faced with the question, ‘Kartu kredit Citibank yang mana?’, you’ll know which one to choose.

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