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From time to time, Singapore Airlines releases limited redemptions for certain destinations. From now till 31st October 2017, enjoy up to 30% discount Krisflyer miles redemption discount for selected Singapore Airlines flights. The only drawback is you have to travel between 1st and 30th November.

Without further-ado, this is the list of discounted Singapore Airlines Business class routes. You can check out the current Singapore Airlines promo here.

From Miles required for Business Class Original Miles Discount Blackout Period
South East Asia
Singapore to Jakarta, v.v 12,250 17,500 30%
Singapore to Ho Chi Minh, v.v 14,000 20,000 30%
Singapore to Hanoi, v.v 14,000 20,000 30% All flights departing on Mondays in November 2017
Singapore to Yangon, v.v 14,000 20,000 30%
Singapore to Manila 14,000 20,000 30%
South Asia
Singapore to Kolkata 24,500 35,000 30%
Singapore to Ahmedabad 24,500 35,000 30%
Southest Pacific
Singapore to Melbourne 40,600 58,000 30% 17 – 30 November 2017
Singapore to Sydney 40,600 58,000 30% 17 – 30 November 2017
Singapore to Wellington 40,600 58,000 30%
Singapore to Dusseldorf 59,500 85,000 30%
Singapore to Paris 59,500 85,000 30% 4 – 6 November 2017


Discounted routes also apply to the outbound routes, for example Jakarta to Singapore also only requires 12,250 miles.

This is a sample search Singapore to Sydney return trips. The booking engine automatically adjust the required miles.

singapore airlines promo sydneysingapore airlines promo sydney

Singapore Airlines Promo – Worth to book?

Generally speaking, only redeem premium cabins (Business Class or First Class) when using miles. Current Singapore Airlines promo also applies to Economy Class routes, but I am only highlighting Business class promo. The reason being your hard-earned miles are valuable and redeeming only Business class or First Class makes sense. Let me explain.

Essentially we want to compare the price if buying outright versus using miles. And generally speaking, when you are getting more than 1cent per mile, you should redeem using miles.

The calculation is as follow.

Effective cost per mile = (Ticket purchased outright – Taxes incurred when using points) / number of required miles

To simplify the calculation, always remember to use US Dolllar.

Take an example Jakarta to Singapore route.

Effective cost per mile = ($1026 – 11) / 12,250

= $0.08

You are getting a whooping 8 cents when redeeming this flight. When given the options to purchase the ticket outright or redeem the flight using miles, remember to use your points.

singapore airlines promo jakarta singapore business singapore airlines promo jakarta singapore business

With the current credit card deals with huge bonus sign up (kartu kredit Citibank PremierMiles), you can get the points fairly easy and can redeem Business Class in a short time.

Also, if you are interested to know more about the calculation above, I will talk more in great details in the next post. Stay tuned.

What do you think of the current Singapore Airlines promo?

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