Emirates’ New First Class vs Singapore Airlines’ New Suites

What a series of events lately in the battle of premium cabins from the top airlines. After Singapore Airlines launched the new cabins on November 3rd, Emirates was trailing with the revamp cabins on Dubai Air Show on November 12th. Both airlines, in my opinion have wowed so many eyes and each has distinct features.

Singapore Airlines’ new Suites on new A380s

When Singapore Airlines first introduced its first Suites in 2007, it was a game changer. Imagine having a double bed on an airplane, having your own private suite, or choosing between Dom Perignon or Krug.

So after 10 years, what can we expect on the new Singapore Airlines Suites? First of all, the new Suites cabin will only have 6 seats, instead of 12. With the same amount of space, this results in a wider space cabin. Singapore Airlines executives said the new Suites are 60 percent larger than the previous version. Just look at the photos. When 2 cabins are merged together, the beds can turn into a double bed. Just look at the amount of space, it looks more like a ‘mini’ apartment, rather than an airplane cabin.singapore airlines new suites

The new Suites will feature a 21-inch wide leather armchair, which can swivel 360 degrees. It has a separate 27-inch wide bed. Instead of previous Suites that have a fold down bed from the seat, the new Suites have separate seats and beds. It features large sliding doors, adjustable blinds and a 32-inch monitor.

Unfortunately Singapore Airlines new Suites won’t feature onboard showers or a bar, unlike Etihad and Emirates. According to Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong, the airlines surveyed its passengers and learnt they prefer space, privacy, convenience rather than onboard showers or a bar.singapore airlines new suites

Emirates new First Class on 777ERs

Emirates launched their new First, Business and Economy class products on Boeing 777ER at the Dubai Air Show. In the public statement made by Emirates, it described the new First Class cabins as ‘Game-changing, fully enclosed private suites, inspired by Mercedes-Benz seats’.

The new First Class suites will feature floor to ceiling sliding doors and sleek design features. It offers 1-1-1 configuration, with total of 6 cabin suites, similar to Singapore Airlines’.Emirates New First Class

According to Emirates’ President Sir Tim Clark, “We are very excited about our new fully-enclosed suite which is a real game-changer in terms of privacy, comfort and thoughtful luxury.”

The on-ground services will also get an upgrade. Emirates and Mercedes-Benz have extended their partnership to provide complimentary Chauffeur-drive service in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class for passengers arriving or departing in the UAE.Emirates New First Class

Conclusion Emirates’ First Class vs Singapore Airlines’ Suites

Personally I think Singapore Airlines won when it comes down to space. Having a separate bed and seat in the cabin is just incredible while having plenty of space still. Emirates on the other hand, has upped its game. Emirates’ First Class cabin simply looks luxurious and really maximizes its use of space.

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