Garuda Indonesia First Class Jakarta to London

Flight Garuda Indonesia GA86
16 August 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 ER
Seat 2F & 2G

During Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair (GATF) 2018, Garuda had 50% discount on ticket redemption to any destinations. I managed to find availability on First Class to London. I’ll talk more on how I book Jakarta to London tickets on Garuda Indonesia First Class.Garuda Indonesia First Class seat

Sadly, Garuda Indonesia has announced that Garuda would stop Jakarta to London flights, quoting “unprofitable routes”. Had I book this flight 3 months later, I would have missed the chance to fly direct to London.

Garuda Indonesia First Class Pre Flight

With Garuda First Class, you get a complimentary Limousine Service from your doorstep to the airport. Our flight departed at 8.25 AM so I requested the limousine service to pick up at 5 AM. I wanted to have plenty of time to enjoy the Garuda First Class Lounge. To book the limousine service or other First Class enquires, you can email First Class Check in

We arrived at Gate 1 Terminal 3 Soekarno- Hatta Airport, which is reserved for First Class and Business Class passengers. We were escorted directly to First Class Check in counter. The whole check in process, security screening and immigration were smooth and seamless. In less than 5 minutes, we arrived at the Garuda First Class lounge.

Garuda First Class Lounge

When we arrived at the Garuda First Class Lounge, we were the only patrons. I was told that the only morning routes that have first-class cabin is London, hence the lounge was exclusive to GA 86 passengers. There were 3 more passengers in First Class cabin and they arrived much later to the lounge.

Grand Piano First Class LoungeGaruda First Class LoungeShortly after we settled in, the lounge attendant approached us and handed us the menu. The main difference between Business class lounge and First Class Lounge is how they serve the food. Food in Business Class lounge is provided in buffet style where as food in First Class Lounge is made to order. I had Gnocchi Neapolitana and fruit platter for breakfast.Garuda First Class Lounge Fruit Platter Garuda First Class Lounge meal Garuda First Class Lounge meal

Garuda First Class Experience

During checked-in, I requested to board first and shortly before 8 AM, the First Class assistant escorted us to the gate. We breezed through the boarding gate and walked past the glaring eyes. We took a left at the airbridge, which is dedicated to First Class passengers only.

What an experience being escorted by First Class attendant the moment you arrived at the airport, all the way until they dropped you off at your seat in the plane, truly amazing in-ground experience.

Garuda First Class Cabin

Every seat in First Class cabin has a sliding door that can be closed for privacy. The seat is wide and comfortable. Once you are settled in your seat, the flight crew will offer you a welcome drink. I chose champagne; Garuda First Class offers Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose. Next up there is a slipper service, where the flight attendant offers you slipper and helps you to store the shoes during the flight.Garuda Indonesia First Class welcome drink Garuda First Class Seat Garuda Indonesia First Class Cabin Garuda Indonesia First Class seat Garuda Indonesia First Class ensuite

Shortly after take off, the chef-onboard came and explained the menu for lunch and dinner. He even offered a pairing wine to go with the food. For starter, I had the caviar. The champagne goes really well with the caviar.Garuda First Class onboard chef Caviar Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia First Class caviar

During the flight, I noticed few ‘weird’ things. First, passengers from different cabin class came to First Class and were taking photos. It looked like these two ladies are friends with the couples in the first row. It is weird because the first class attendants took a blind eye. I doubt you will see this in Singapore Airlines. Secondly, during mid-flight, a flight attendant from different cabin slept in suite 2A. He swiftly walked up, closed the curtain behind him, went to suite 2A and closed the sliding door. I even caught him, after he woke up, opened the sliding door and left the First Class cabin. I mean, is this a common practice?

Complimentary Wifi Garuda First Class Garuda First Class Lunch Garuda Indonesia First Class Lunch Garuda Indonesia First Class Lunch Garuda Indonesia First Class Lunch First class lunchAfter we arrived at Heathrow International airport in London, First Class Assistant were waiting at the airbridge. She escorted us to the terminal, through immigration and luggage collection.

How I book Jakarta to London on Garuda Indonesia First Class?
As I mentioned earlier, I book this flight using points. Garuda had 50% discount redemption during the Garuda Travel Fair. It would normally cost 190,000 + taxes, but because of the redemption promo it would only requires 95,000 points and 2,640,000 Rupiah in taxes. During the Travel Fair, you can also convert your credit card points to GarudaMiles instantly. For this redemption, I used Mandiri Visa Signature to convert my credit card points (or Fiestapoin) to GarudaMiles.

Watch the full video on Youtube here.


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