Singapore Airlines A380 New Suites LHR – SIN Review

Flight Singapore Airlines SQ 317 LHR – SIN
29 August 2018
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Seat 2A & 2F

Exactly a year ago, I wrote how Singapore Airlines was launching its newest Airbus A380 new cabins. I was super excited about the new hard products especially the new A380 suites. Undoubtedly, this flight was by far the highlight of my 2018 flight.singapore airlines new a380 suites

Booking Singapore Airlines Suites

To book Singapore Airlines First Class or Suites, you can only redeem through Krisflyer only and not through Star Alliance partners. I could not find any availability for most dates on Saver awards. However, I was able to waitlist 2 seats on SQ 317 Suites on 29th August.

I immediately called up Krisflyer customer service to book the following; confirmed booking on SQ 319 on 27th August and waitlist the SQ 317 flight on the 29th August. Flight SQ 319 operates on Boeing 777-300ER and features First Class product only (no Suites). I thought if the waitlist did not clear, at least I would still be flying on Boeing 777-300ER flight. The initial itinerary looked like this.singapore airlines booking

Notice how I have a connecting flight, on SQ 231 from Singapore to Sydney 6months later. It was the $100 stopover trick, that allows you to book additional stopover for up to 1 year ahead. In doing so, I saved a lot of miles. Total miles required was only 148,000 KF miles compared to 195,000 KF miles (115,000 miles from London + 80,000 miles to Sydney). I will share this trick on another post.

Exactly 2 months before the flight, I received an email from SQ saying the waitlisted flight was available for confirmation. It felt like winning a lottery. sq 317 waitlist confirmationThank you Singapore Airlines! I immediately called to confirm the SQ 317 flight.

Pre-Flight and Check in

Our flight scheduled to depart at 11.25 AM but we arrived at Terminal 2 Heathrow at 6 AM. We needed to claim VAT and missus wanted to do some shopping at the airport. Lucky for us there was no queue at Travelex VAT refund.heathrow queens terminal

We went straight to Singapore Airlines First Class check in counter. You can find the premium check in counter (Business Class and First Class) on the back row, while the front row is for the self-service check in machine.

Singapore airlines first class check in

During the check in process, the friendly check in staff noticed that we were seated on 2A and 2F. He asked whether we wanted to seat on 1A and 2A, so that we can have the ‘double bed’. Prior to check in, I have checked that 1A and 1F seats have been taken. He then proceeded to make a request for seat change.sq 317 suites seating

So if you are couples travelling together, I recommend seating on 1A and 2A, or 1F and 2F. If you are travelling solo, I recommend 1A and 1F just because the front row is slightly widest suite.

After we finished check-in, we headed straight to security screening using our fast-track. Once inside the terminal, we used Heathrow’s personal shopper to help us navigate to Terminal 5 to do some shopping. This is a great, complimentary service provided by Heathrow airport. Now, unlike Changi Airport you can simply change terminal by taking the sky trains. At Heathrow airport, you technically need to get out of Terminal 2, and if you are heading to Terminal 5, you need to take the bus, and once inside the terminal you need to pass the security screening again.

Singapore Airlines new A380 Suites

Boarding commenced just few minutes before 11 AM. sq new a380 sq317There were dedicated lines for Economy, Business and Suites passengers. At the gates we were informed that seat change request were not successful, as passengers on seat 1A and 1F did not want to move.Singapore airlines suites cabin

Upon boarding through the dedicated skybridge, there were senior flight attendants ready to take you to your suites. The new A380 suites are located on the upper level, together with the Business class cabins. You would turn left, and enter a private and luxurious cabin. Immediately you will notice the roomy and spacious suites. Each suite has a chair that swivels, a full-flat bed, 32 inch HDTV and sliding privacy doors.

sq new a380 suitesShortly after I settled in, the cabin crew offered a welcome drink. This was the most difficult part; choosing either Dom Perignon or Krug. I went with Dom Perignon.Sq suites welcome drink

sq new a380 suitesI quickly checked out the bathrooms, there are 2 bathrooms for 6 First Class passengers. The bathroom on the right is the largest and you will be surprised with how spacious it is. There are full size vanity and a make up area. Having an on board shower would be perfect!sq new a380 suites toiletsq new a380 suites toilet

I particularly liked the chair; it can swivel and recline. It took me awhile to find out the control panel on the side of the armrest. You can position your chair to look out the window, face the TV or face the front for take off.sq new a380 suites

Singapore Airlines Suites diningsq suites caviar

Shortly after take off, the cabin crew prepared lunch. I had ‘Book the Cook’ service before hand. For starters I had the caviars. The senior flight attendant asked if I wanted a Vodka shot to pair with the caviars. I quickly nodded. Just less than 1 hour of flight time, I already had a glass of red wine, a shot of Vodka and few glasses of champagnes.sq suites caviar

For my main course, I had the lobster thermidor. Notice that during meal service, because of the chair position, you would be facing another passenger across the aisle. I can only imagine how awkward when staring at a stranger.sq new a380 suites dining

sq new a380 suites dining

sq suites dining experience

sq suites dessert

SQ Suites Turn-down service

sq new suites

After finishing my meal, the cabin crew asked if I wanted to nap. I quickly changed into the Lalique pijamas. While changing in the bathroom, the cabin crew swiftly made the bed. Before going to bed, the crew helped us to take pictures. Lots of pictures!singapore air suites turn down service

singapore airlines new suites

sq new a380 suites

Singapore Airlines new Suites; Final Thoughtssq new suites

I have flown on the first generation A380 suites, but this new Suites literally takes flying into a whole new level. The sheer space on the suites is incredible. And to top it of, the incredible service from the cabin crew really sets Singapore Airlines from other competitors.

singapore airlines new suites

I can’t wait to fly the other leg, Singapore to Sydney next year!

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