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Top 3 credit cards that I use in 2017

I want to share the 3 credit cards that I am currently using. These cards have good conversion value to frequent flyer miles. Because you want to maximize your points, the top credit cards that you need to consider will generally fall into; Travel/ Lifestyle category credit cards, attractive mileage earning rate, although normally incur annual fee. Top 3 credit cards; ANZ Travel Signature This is the only card that I own from the beginning. It is one of the most competitive mileage earning rate for all transactions. For ANZ Travel Signature you get 1 mileage point for every IDR…

5 things to consider before getting credit cards

Before going into depth on the credit cards, there are few things that you need to note. Some people that I know really against the idea of credit card. Using credit card should not change your spending behavior. This is the most important thing. Like the old saying, don’t spend beyond your means. If you cant afford to buy certain things, then don’t buy it. End of story. Whenever possible, always use your credit card to pay for transactions, instead of paying by cash. There are circumstances where you don’t use your credit card; if the merchant imposes additional charge…